Attracting, selecting and recruiting the right people is challenging, especially if relying on a one-hour interview to make successful appointments of contented, long-term staff.

The JRS approach is to match known candidates to your organisation, using thorough matching and research processes. Jackson Recruitment Services will help solve your staffing problems… allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

We meet with you so we can get to know your requirements – our knowledge of your company will allow us to market you to talented applicants. We begin a search of our known candidates and prepare a short list of suitable candidates. All candidates will be fully briefed on the position and organisation. Verbal reference checking is conducted before the first interview. Once an offer is made we assist, if required, with negotiation of remuneration, terms and conditions.

Service and Guarantees

JRS offers a 3-month replacement guarantee for all permanent staff.
All temporary placements are fully guaranteed: there is no fee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the temporary’s performance. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

  • Staff recruitment to specification
  • Skills audits for applicants and client companies
  • Consultation on salary packaging and staff evaluation for clients and applicants
  • Design and delivery of communication and literary skills training

Become a Preferred Employer

Attracting and retaining the best staff – both high performers and valuable back up staff – is a key issue, especially in the Australian context of skills shortages. You will do better if you can develop your reputation as a best practice company.

What can you do? Offering a range of staff benefits helps – ranging from paid education, gym memberships and nights out to overseas trips, up to share options and retention bonuses. Retention typically focuses on two areas – career advancement, and reward and recognition. Recognition can be as simple as bestowing a title, the power to make decisions, or the responsibility for managing other staff.

Best practice companies: Check out the 100 Best Companies to Work For – see what qualities & conditions employees value.

Hays Recruitment compiles an annual cross-sector salary survey.

Terms and Conditions

Jackson Recruitment Services understands that clients are individuals and their needs vary. Our placement fees reflect that understanding and selection fees are negotiated according to the terms of the individual appointment.

All assignments carry a guarantee. For permanent staff, terms are negotiated at the time of finalising the assignment specification. For temporary staff, fees are charged only if you are satisfied with the quality of the temp’s work; if unsatisfied, there is no fee. Contract rates are based on our permanent placement fee structure, charged pro-rata, and are determined by the length of the contract.