Three grammatical errors you need to stop making immediately

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The importance of written communication cannot be underestimated. Grammatical errors have the potential to undermine the application of even the strongest candidate. If you want to give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job, it’s time to brush up on your grammar and double check any written communication between yourself and a potential employer. Below are a few of the most common grammatical errors that I have come across during my time in recruitment:


1.  Its vs it’s

Its is the possessive form of it. Confusion between it’s and its occurs because ‘s indicates possession for every word other than it. It’s can only be interpreted to mean it is

Example:             I’ve seen the product’s name but not its number.

It’s sunny outside


2.  Laying vs Lying

Lay means ‘to put’ or ‘to place’.

Lie is the term used to describe the object when it has already been laid down.

Example:             I want to lay down.

I want to be lying on a beach in the Bahamas.


3.  Practice vs Practise

Practice is a noun, while practise is a verb.

Example:             I want to go to the medical practice.

I need to practise the saxophone.

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